Boy reading a book. | Image provided by mentatdgt from Pexels

Join us to make literacy in South Carolina a top priority.

The South Carolina State Library leads the Literacy 2030 initiative with many allies who develop community partnerships, align services, advocate for increased literacy, and build capacity to move the literacy rate in South Carolina towards 100 percent.

This partnership is designed to support libraries in becoming a convening voice in the state around literacy, uniting stakeholders under an admittedly challenging, yet important goal. We believe in the power of collaboration to change lives. We believe that by 2030, we will see our state transformed.


By focusing the varied spectrum of literacy organizations towards one common goal, we improve communication, maximize efficiency, expand service awareness, and work together for positive change in the communities we serve.


We provide literacy organizations with a variety of resources to extend the reach of their efforts.


We serve as the central network for streamlining literacy efforts, improving communication between organizations, and sharing ideas.


We stand as the united voice of the literacy movement, working to promote literacy efforts, raise awareness, and build a network of community support.