Working together to achieve the goal of 100
percent literacy in our communities statewide.

Rewriting South Carolina's future one reader at a time.

Join us to make literacy in South Carolina a top priority.

Literacy service providers, educators, businesses, legislators and passionate volunteers are determined to break the
intergenerational cycle of low literacy in our state. Literacy 2030 unites these stakeholders under an admittedly
challenging yet important goal. We believe in the power of collaboration to change lives. We believe that by 2030,
we will see our state transformed.

Program Update

Literacy 2030 is in a transitional year. In order to maintain the original goal of improving state-wide literacy rates by the year 2030, Literacy 2030 is now housed at the South Carolina State Library.

Check back with us as we roll out changes to the website and exciting program updates!


News & Updates

Connect with other literacy advocates and stay up to date on the latest news through our list serv. To join, send an email to - leave the subject line blank. In the message area, type:
subscribe literacy2030 first name last name.

Once you are added to the list, you’ll receive an acceptance message. Then you will be able to post and receive information
about literacy-related news and activities, along with any Literacy2030 updates.